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  • Prepare yourself for the work force today

Get the best example of a professional resume, and recruiting help today! We take a look at exactly what recruiting help you need so all of the help and examples are relevant to you. Recruiting companies are hard to please, but of all of our clients, most get hired within the first few recruiting companies! Our resumes are promised to help you get the professional executive position you want!

  • Build a professional executive resume that stands out.

Get a professional executive resume by modeling it after an example of a professional executive resume. The first step to recruiting help is building a professional resume. Your professional executive resume for example will highlight all your talents and skills. Resumes should always give positive examples of your past. Professional executive resumes will include for example schooling, previous work experience, and special skills of all kinds. Get examples of all the recruiting help you need to stand out to any recruiting executive. 


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  • Custom Designed Resume

  • Custom Cover Letter Template

  • Reference Sheet

  • Electronic Resumes in Text and PDF format

  • Custom Thank You Follow up Letter template

  • Online Professional Networking Profile on the site of your choice

  • Online Job Board Submittal

  • Job Search Coaching

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  • Recruiting help is hard to find, or is it?

Company’s recruiting sort through all of the resume applicants who are worth recruiting. We make sure that your professional executive resume is always up at the top of their list. Recruiting is hard, you need a good resume, cover letter, and interview. Our recruiting & management services make sure that you have received the best recruiting help. Get an example of professional executive resumes and start building yours up today! Make sure your resume is up to par and model it after a professional resume. Give your resume an executive appeal so that all recruiting companies will notice.



    “Very fast and helped put my words down on paper, would send people her way....”   – Chuck, Sales Manager


    “I never knew that a service like this existed!  Getting assistance with my resume and cover letter has made a world of difference in my job search!  The best part is I have been getting calls for interviews now!”  -Terri J., VP of Services

    “Fast friendly service and so affordable!  I have referred several of my friends and family members!” – Cindy T. , VP of Marketing

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  • Why recruiting help? Get an Example here!

Everyone could use a little recruiting help. If you want to become an executive you need help and should follow the example of a professional executive resume. The same example goes for all of the professional help we give. If you want a professional executive like resume then get help to impress a recruiting company and model off examples of a professional resumes. Send us all of your information and get the best example of professional resume that will put your resume on track to being executive class resume today!

Disclaimer* Our Professional examples of resumes, and executive resumes are not guaranteed. Any help, example, or recruiting help is built to help but not guarantee a job. Recruiting companies are not guaranteed to hire after our help with professional executive resumes. Some examples of resumes may not be accepted by some recruiting companies. Examples of professional resumes and examples of executive resumes are not guaranteed to be accepted by all professional or executive companies.